Guruji Shivathma

Sri Guruji Shivathma is a noble soul and the modern messiah of peace, always in bliss, the guiding spirit and torch-bearer of the Foundation. Sri Guruji has a strong faith in Lord Buddha and proclaims that human life is full of bliss, and that one can experience in silence and peace. Sri Guruji looks forward to an unique state of human existence where every soul is god in itself and therefore every home of the self is the sanctum sanctorum of the divinity; the Almighty.

Guruji life

GURUJI SHIVATHMA was born in a poverty stricken family in the year 1962 at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. In his childhood days to get one square meal a day was a big dream and he had to toil very much as a child laborer besides pursuing his studies regularly with dedication. In spite of the poverty and hunger he was always sharp and brilliant academically and in other extracurricular activities.

In his boyhood he joined with a social organization called “ARIVOLI” and worked with zeal and dedication for the education of the economically deprived people. For this noble service he was honoured by the then COLLECTOR OF COIMBATORE with the title “ARIVOLI SIVA”. After finishing his B.Com, degree and Diploma in Siddha Medicine (DSM), he became a successful SIDDHA MEDICAL PRACTIONER.

To make Universal Peace through Individual Peace.

Man making service from child to adult

Live with Peace and Live for Peace.