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We Are Doing With Your Help

Old Age Home in coimbatore


UPF adopts women who are abandoned by their husband and family. Widows and single parents with the child are adopted who get the same care and comfort as all others. The inmates serve in the kitchen and other departments. They feel happy that the child is growing in a disciplined environment without feeling a lot of isolation. We provide free food, shelter, regular medical camps and a safe environment

Old Age Home in coimbatore


Our blind home offers comfort and safety to the inmates. Blindness and vision loss can make living independently and performing day-to-day activities such as climbing stairs, preparing meals, handling bills challenging. However, in a supportive community that caters to those with vision loss, the visually challenged can enjoy the benefits of a secure and supportive environment at all times.

Old Age Home in coimbatore


Physical disability is a loss of body part or failure to develop specific parts or movement, sensation and coordination. Speech impairment is also considered as a physical disability. We adopt the physically challenged also. We treat them amicably and offer them ample care. We boost their self–confidence and encourage them to pursue their passion.We provide them free food, shelter and regular medical camps

Old Age Home in coimbatore


We adopted orphaned, abandoned, impoverished and abused mentally challenged people. They get free food, shelter and proper medical treatment. They are treated as our children. We encourage them through different activities. We need your help to continue to offer them ample care. Unfortunate souls who could not dwell with the society are admitted to spend their time the way they like and some of them are asked to maintain Goshala every day

Old Age Home in coimbatore


Our children’s home is dedicated in providing a stable and loving family atmosphere to the abandoned and neglected children. We adopt orphaned, abandoned and destitute kids. Our mission is to change their lives by providing long-term care. Deserted children from the age of five are groomed by trained volunteers and sent to nearby schools for academic studies with yoga and meditation classes conducted by teachers every day

Old Age Home in coimbatore


We adopt abandoned, impoverished and abused elders and care for them. After a screening process, both men and women above the age of 60 in maintainable health are admitted and provided all basic comforts with hygienic food thrice a day in a natural ambience and ever caring volunteers in ashram. Donors join inmates on special occasions like diwali, pongal, christmas and ramalan etc., spend time with grannies and carry their blessings.