Every year 10 days NSS camps are arranged for the schools and colleges students. Such kind of camp in the minds of the inmates an essential awareness of the environmental ethics the sense of conservation of natural resources.

NCC cadets alone have planted 400 to 500 saplings within the campus of the Ashram to create an atmosphere of green ecology.

12000 saplings have been sent out to the needy outside the Ashram..

Social Forestry Scheme

The foundation contributes to the social forestry scheme by planting trees and saplings in and around the campus and beyond.

AIDS Awareness program

The inmates as well as the villagers near by exposed to periodical. AIDS Awareness program so that their future could be secured on sound health and morality. It emphasizes sexual morality and ethical neutrality among the people thereby establishing a ‘AIDS’-less society.

Free Siddha Medical Camps

It benefits the nearby villagers and creates an awareness to live in alignment with nature

Free Coaching

Students in around the villages numbering more than 60 members are offered coaching in the evening with in the ashram with out any fees on siddha.

Help to the Tribal Community

Dresses received in excess by the Ashram are being diverted for utility by the tribals of kallaar Hills among others.


  • A charitable school of higher learning for the poor.
  • Free De-addiction centre for needy people.
  • To establish modern home for Transgender (TG) and create occupation under the one
  • To establish modern Physio therapy centre for Elder and Person with disability.
  • To establish modern Day care and dementia care centre.
  • To establish modern Autism centre.
  • The foundation seeks to establish a vocational training centre for the physically
    handicapped and disabled and the destitute women to provide stability to their lives.
  • Establishment of charitable hospital in order to provide siddha and naturopathy
  • Vocational training centre which imparts the students in handicrafts, paper, basket
    making etc.
  • The establishment of a computer centre for the benefit of the students of the Ashram
    and the nearby villages is also in the offing.
  • Solid waste management system so as to avoid green-house effect and global
  • More importance can be accorded to the field of sports.
  • Training centre for preserving the environment in good shape.
  • Planned to plant per month thousands of saplings in the society thereby achieving
    eco-balanced environment.


  • You can extend your support mentally, physically, morally and financially.
  • Contribute to infrastructure fund: including school, science lab, residential dormitories, auditorium, hospital etc.
  • Periodic contribution either on, weekly, monthly, yearly basis any amount, provisions, materials, dresses etc.
  • Sponsor medicine scheme for inmates as per your contributing tendency & capacity.
  • Sponsor salary of caretakers.
  • You can financially adopt any number of inmates on the basis of your whims and fancies
  • You can sponsor food for one day on your auspicious remembrance days @ Rs.15,000/ per day / per simple meal–Rs. 4,500. It is available weekly, monthly basis also.
  • Sponsor cosmetics, toiletries on periodical basis or bulk supply.
  • Sponsor school Uniform / casual dresses / bed-sheets, mats, mattresses, blankets, sweaters etc.
    Supply provisions to your capacity.

  • You can sponsor equipments: computers, sports, rehabilitation tools, books, stationeries, furniture etc.
  • You can sponsor recreational tours, events, cultural programmes etc.


In Order to provide service to the inmates and specifically to the Foundation, service minded volunteers are working round the clock without monetary considerations.Their service to the Foundation is laudable and significantly commendable. It is purely of humanitarian and voluntary in nature.