Aims and Objectives

  • To provide free food, cloth, shelter, education, medicine and other essential help and assistance of any shape or form to the poor, deprived and needy children, Destitute Elders and Person with Disability.
  • To conduct social, natural, spiritual, yoga, pranic healing service and environmental awareness campaign among the children and the general public.
  • To extend them all levels of specialized higher education so as to make them meaningful citizens of the society in par excellence with their counterparts in the modernized western society.
  • To practice and provide expertise siddha system of medicinal treatment and related services to the needy poor. It also emphasizes the immediate relevance of naturopathy in the modern day context.
  • To promote the knowledge and wisdom of education and Indian culture through establishing, nursery, primary, secondary, higher secondary schools belonging to the children of the poor and downtrodden people.
  • To providing technical, medical and para-medical education by establishing nodal institutions of higher learning for the benefit of the poor children and the general public.
  • To extend meaningful emphasis on sports and games to the children. For it,establishment of “Peace Park” is on the anvil with prospective sponsorship.
  • Serene Environment for peaceful meditation and the practice of Yoga.