The Foundation is housed in a sprawling nine acres of land in the village of Nalla Gounda palayam which can be accessible from Coimbatore through Karumathampatty from Avinashi Road and through Annur from the Sathyamangalam Road. The campus of the Foundation includes the following,

  • Home for orphan, differently abled and destitute children.
  • Home for old aged.
  • Home for Meditation and Yoga
  • Home for Siddha and Naturopathy Medicine.

In the campus, separate accommodation is provided to the boys and girls Food, Clothing are also given to them free cost. In addition, free medical services and medicines are provided to the needy children.


For the preparation of food, a well modernized kitchen is constructed with separate dining hall. In the kitchen only vegetarian food is prepared and served to the children bearing in mind nutritious and hygienic value of food.


Another remarkable feature of the foundation is a cattle farm. It houses 12 milching cows for the needs of the Children and the foundation.


In the campus, a separate school building is constructed with all facilities and amenities to the school going children of both the sex. There, as of now a primary school is conducted with a current roll of 47 students. The school has a well equipped library which has books on different areas of specializations, both academic and non-academic. The school is named as, “Athma Gnana Gurukula School”. It imparts education from I to V standard level in the medium of Tamil to the children of the foundation. It has plans to attract children from the adjoining villages in the near future.

Other than this, students of higher classes i.e., from 8thto 12 levels in the Foundation are having their education at Nalla Gounda Palayam and Annur. College and Polytechnic goers have their education in different institutions in the District at the cost of the Foundation.


  •  The children are provided with natural food i.e. purely vegetarian one.
  •  Meditation and yoga are taught as part of the education.
  •  Students of the school are provided with text books, notes and uniform at no cost.
  •  There is a “Park of Peace”, in the school campus, where the students can play.


Library is the nerve-center and back-bone of any educational institution. Accordingly, a full-fledged library is housed in a separate building which has more than 3000 collections. Majority of the books constitute spiritual and medical areas. The students are taught to spend one hour/ a day at the library.


There are four important places of interest within the precints of the Foundation requiring special mention. They are:

  •  Brahmasathan,
  •  Shrine of Silence,
  •  Spring of Life,
  • Temple of Meditation,
  • Nava Viruksha Temple.


The method of meditation formulated by the Sri Guruji opens the currents of rejuvenation with in the constitution of the person. The spiritual counselling offered by the Sri Guruji has worked out wonders within the lives of persons who experienced the edge of existence. In that sense, the Foundation reaches out to souls lying outside to impart peace in bliss. The gong of silence resonates and the Chords of the mind sing the glory of bliss prevailing in the land of peace.


It is a free siddha clinic run by the Foundation with research and development facility Sri Guruji always emphasizes that only one who lives in alignment with nature could enjoy perfect physical as well as psychological health. But one who stays from nature is always exposed to the onslaught of disease and consequential death. Though the Aravinda Alayam has been established solely for the medical care of the inmates, out-patients from near by villages are also being treated and provided with free medicine.


Only the affluent could afford the cost of Ayurvedic body massage offered along the coast of Kerala.  But this foundation offers a therapeutic medicine free of cost. By the touch of the body the mind and soul are aligned in a meditative state.


Interested persons either as individuals or in groups could stay within the precincts of the foundation take part in the day-today activities of the foundation or stay away in total isolation and solitude to experience the soul. They can get the answers themselves to the questions by the method of meditation taught by Sri Guruji. He also seeks to guide the tormented mind to the land of peace by his meditative capacity prompted by the divine grace. The knots of uncertainties are loosened and one becomes alive to the vast space of freedom which hitherto eluded the most enterprising mind. The spirit wakes up from the slumber and becomes alive to its own grandeur. Guruji offers guided classes into the highest disciplines of yoga, Pranayama and dhyana and thus the mind is established in absolute tranquility with perfect ease. Then the true meaning of life dawns on the horizon of reason. Spiritual discourses on the scientific lines of the Vedas, Upanishads, Bramha Sutra, Bhagavat Gita and Yoga sutras are conducted to the truth seekers.


It is a rare experience for any visitor, that the foundation is are living in blissful ness and forget of their painful state of existence and forgiving a personal relation among themselves. Here there is no caste, creed, sex, region, language, barriers separate the inmates. Instead it fosters a sense of feeling of oneness exchanged between them is extraordinary. The bond that binds on the inmates is only love and affection. The founders constitute the wheels of the “Foundation” and the donors / sponsors are like horses. The inmates are not experimenting with truth but they are experiencing truth.